Rockcote Solar Protect

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Solar Protect

ROCKCOTE Solar Protect is a durable, flexible acrylic roof membrane that is specifically designed to provide superior long-term exterior protection for your home. Solar Protect provides a low maintenance solution for your roof that is weather resistant, protecting your home against the harshest of Australian conditions.

Solar Protect is designed for use over a suitable primer on all roofing substrates including tile roofs such as cement tiles and terracotta tiles, as well as for fibre cement roofs. It is easy to apply, has excellent adhesion and flow, and is quick drying.



Using Solar Protect on your roof provides a tough, durable coating that is resistant to scuffing from trees and other sources, as well as dirt, mould, mildew and fungi.

-Water based

-Easy to use


-Vapour permeable


-Easy to maintain



-Excellent colour retention

-Water repellent

-Long term exterior protection

-Mould resistant

-Scuff resistant




 -Suitable to go over properly prepared roofing surfaces

-Provides excellent added durability and ensures a low maintenance coating

Rockcote Roof Primer

ROCKCOTE Tile Roof Primer is the ideal primer for use on cement tile roofs. It is specifically formulated to provide excellent adhesion for top coat roof tile paint, significantly reduce the suction of the substrate, provide fantastic coverage and an even top coat finish. Painting a tiled roof with Tile Roof Primer will ensure provide great opacity when changing the colour of the roof.

Tile Roof Primer utilises ROCKCOTE’s extensive 30-year history manufacturing products specifically for masonry substrates to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions. As a result, when used as part of a full ROCKCOTE Solar Protect roof membrane paint system, up to a 12 year warranty is provided.

The water based formulation of Tile Roof Primer not only ensures ease of use, but also easy clean up.