Rockcote is an Australian made company that looks after the environment and supplies high quality products. Their products are specially designed for Australia's harsh climate without the harmful chemicals, toxins and additives.

We stock the full range of Rockcote products.

Rockcote EcoStyle Paint

 EcoStyle Paints by ROCKCOTE are premium quality paints that last the distance with the added benefit of being non-toxic and zero VOC. EcoStyle Paints are 100% acrylic making them incredibly tough and low maintenance. EcoStyle Paints are certifies as environmentally preferable by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).Areas painted with EcoStyle are ideal for users that are health conscious as there will be no lingering paint fumes and still has the ability to easily scrub away scuffs and marks.

Rockcote Armour Paint

ROCKCOTE Armour and Armour Flex are high performance membrane paints with outstanding crack-bridging capability. They are ideal for completing and protecting a ROCKCOTE render system and can be used to enhance existing render. If you have a rendered fence that is cracking the ROCKCOTE Armour will fill all the hairline cracks as it is 7 x more flexible than a normal paint. The Armour Flex will fill cracks up to 3mm as has the ability to stretch 78% more than a standard paint.

Rockcote Render Paint

ROCKCOTE Render Paint produces a natural textured rendered finish that is tough, flexible and easy to use. Main benefit is that it can minimize surface imperfections. Available in a fine and coarse texture. Samples of these textures available instore. Render Paint can be used on a variety of substrates such as bricks, cement render, fibre cement and masonry. When using the coarse render paint a textured roller cover is recommended as it will leave a thicker finish which is perfect for hiding imperfections and joins in blue board etc. Tintable to any colour, can also be colour matched

Rockcote Coloured Render

Coloured Renders by ROCKCOTE is a range of textured render solutions suitable for a broad variety of exterior and interior applications. The colour permeates the render, delivering a rich coloured textured finish that is highly durable and ideal for Australian conditions. A wide range of colours and different textures are available in this product. Samples are available in store for you to look at to help make your decision easier.

Rockcote Cement Renders

ROCKCOTE cement renders are the professionals’ choice when it comes to render systems for modern construction. Consistency of formulation and quality make pre-blended ROCKCOTE Renders a practical, convenient alternative to site mix render. There is a ROCKCOTE Render available to suit just about any substrate. Benefits to using Rockcote Cement compared to sand & cement renders: Eliminate the chance of cracking, you don't need to prime before painting, cured and ready to paint within two days and eligible for a 15 year warranty if you use the full Rockcote system.

Rockcote Solar Protect Roof Paint

ROCKCOTE Solar Protect is a durable, flexible acrylic roof membrane that is specifically designed to provide superior long-term exterior protection for your home. It's a low maintenance solution for your roof that is weather resistant, protecting your home against the harshest of Australian conditions. Solar Protect is available in a broad range of colours, including all of the popular roof colours.