One of the major benefits of being an independently owned business is that we can stock any brands we desire. Which means we are able to stock products that we 100% believe in and are confident to sell to our customers.

We stock a huge range of Accessories. We are confident that we will have what ever you need to get the job done.

We have a huge variety to Brands and Accessories, all in the highest quality with the lowest price tags.

Paint Brushes

We stock a huge range of paint brushes including the Uni-Pro Smooth Coat Range, Monarch Advance, Monarch Swift, C&A Flex and more!

Roller Covers

We have an endless range of Roller Covers for every type of job! If your not sure on how to choose the perfect cover, one of our friendly team members will be happy to help!

Masking Tapes

Our range of tapes include the Hystik 14 Day Blue Tape, Hystik General Purpose Tape, Stylus Kwikimask Green Tape & more!

Masking Films

We stock various sizes of the Stylus pre-taped masking films. We also have brown masking paper and dispensers etc.

Sanding Supplies

We have everything from sanding sheets, pads, blocks, rolls and hand sanders.

Drop Sheets

We have a great range of drop sheets in a large variety of sizes. We are also confident that you won't find better prices anywhere else!


Our cleaning range includes Lift Off Paint Remover, Sugar Soap, Heavy Duty Eliminator, Rags and more!

Safetly Equipment

We stock most saftey equipment such as, Disposable Overalls, Saftey Glasses, Masks, Gloves, Wet Paint Signs and More!

Fillers & Adhesives

We have a huge range of Gap fillers, puttys, fillers, adhesives, and patching tools.

Rendering Tools

Our rendering range includes Mesh, Beads, Trowels, Floats and Cloth Tapes, Scoops and More!

Scrapers & Tools

We have a decent range of quailty scrapers and any other tools you'll need to get the job done.

Painters Clothes

We stock a small range of painters clothes including shorts and pants.