Find the Right Colour

It can be difficult to find the perfect colour, to make it easier start with our colour cards and charts we have in store.

colour room

Once you have them in the area you want to paint you will get a clearer vision of how it will look.
Keep in mind colours tend to look darker inside and lighter outside.

Next step is to get a sample pot of your choice or choices of colour.
Colours always look different in different lighting, if you are painting your whole house we suggest painting your sample in different areas so you get an overall feel.

If you already have the right colour and you don’t know the name we are the perfect place to come for a colour match.
All we need is for you to bring a sample in of at least the size of a 10c coin and we can match it for you.

We also stock Vision wallpaper. We have books you can look through in store or you can go on there website and we can order in any design you like.

If you are not sure on the look you want to achieve inside your home and need some inspiration here are some popular interior design styles.


Mostly whites and neutrals are used to give a home a clean and fresh modern feel.
Occasional bursts of colour are added. Greys are popular at the moment but don’t be afraid to add a deep or bright coloured wall.

Neutrals have a strong presence in traditional modern homes. You cant really go wrong with beiges, greys and whites as they accentuate a space without overpowering it. It’s also a great backdrop as it allows you to bring out some pretty bold elements in your design.


Industrial style is about adding a raw, unfinished look.
Colours are inspired by materials such as concrete, steel and timber.
Stick with colours like grey, brown and black.
If you need a cozy but edgy backdrop, incorporate a brick wall. If you don’t have any exposed brick walls wallpaper is a good option. That way you can chose which colour brick.


To create a calm coastal feel look at combining a crisp white with a soft grey and adding
hints of pale greens and blues will bring the beach feel indoors.
For a more dramatic look go for colours ranging from aqua to deep blue.
White or off-white walls break it up so it isn’t to overpowering.


A white colour scheme is a classic shabby-chic look.
Soft pastel colours also contribute to the look such as sky blue, pale pink and lilac.

A great idea to turn your space into a vintage shabby-chic style without spending a lot of money is using old pieces of furniture and painting them with chalk paint which is available in store.
There are a variety of different colours available to create the look you are going for.

Creating shabby-chic furniture like in this picture is as easy as putting a coat of chalk paint straight onto it and to create a more dramatic look sand around the edges so you expose the natural timber underneath.